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RB Touring 10 RC 2.11cc + EFRA 2659 Pipe set

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Art NR: RB-E01710-000640RC
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Pris 4.990,00 kr
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Beskrivning RB .12 top range engine, the Touring 10 RC benefits from a lot of new features. Its exhaust port is 0.5mm higher for more top end. The crankshaft comes with the silicon paste orientated at 20 degrees. The inside diameter with conical shape is bigger than it was on the T9 RC. The new venturi allows a better air flow. The most powerful .12 engine ever according to our team drivers during the test session. - 3 ports EFRA/IFMAR homologated - Light machined piston rounded - Hand tuned crankshaft with conical shape - Turbo plug - Turbo combustion chamber with o-ring avoiding vibrations and preventing dirt - 11.5mm main bearing with extra large balls. - Aluminum 6.5mm carburetor with new 5.50mm venturi with very special shape - L2G cooling head with extra fins for a better engine cooling (special shape for INS box) - Aluminum orange anodized wrist pin - Orange dust protection caps.

# Contents: 2.11 cc
# Bore: 13.70mm
# Stroke: 14.25mm
# Porting intake: 3
# Porting exhaust: 1
# Crankshaft: 11.5mm
# Carburetor: Slide Aluminium 6.5mm with removable Venturi 5.5mm Optimized
# Glowplug: TURBO #01051-5
# Weight: 215 Gr.
# Use: Touring

Art NR: RB-E01710-000640RC


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