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LRP ZR.32 Spec.2 Monster Truck Engine w/Pull Start (Standard Plu

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Art NR: ASCLRP32820
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This is the LRP ZR.32 Spec.2 Pull Start Monster Truck Engine. The LRP ZR.32 Spec.2 is a large displacement engine, developed specifically for 1/8 Off-road fans that believe there is no such thing as too much power! To harness this enormous power, the ZR.32 Spec.2 engine is equipped with a heavily reinforced heavy-duty XTEC T6 engine case. A standard plug head button is included to simplify tuning, while the heavy-duty "Cool-Down-Max" cylinder head features a unique cooling fin arrangement that provides improved and efficient cooling characteristics. The LRP ZR.32 Spec.2 pull start engine is equipped with the same LRP XTEC PowerCarb 2 15S-2 carburetor as its “little” brother, the LRP ZR.30 Spec.2 pull start, so every drop of fuel is converted into 100% power! Its flow-optimized design provides maximum power and easy adjustability at the same time. There is no replacement for displacement, except for more displacement! The LRP ZR.32 Spec.2 Pull start engine is the perfect example of this statement.


  • Cool-Down-Max Cylinder Head: Improved cooling and higher efficiency
  • through new cooling fin arrangement.
  • XTEC PowerCarb 2 15S-2 Carburetor: Flow optimized carburetor with 9mm
  • inserts for maximum power and easy adjustability at the same time.
  • Universal Fit: Fits all major .21 engine mounts.
  • Standard Plug Head Button: Guarantees easy adjustment of the engine in all conditions.
  • XTEC T6 Engine Case: Specially reinforced heavy-duty engine housing for toughest off-road action.
  • Massive Con Rod: Extra reinforced con rod. Specially adjusted for .32 engines.
  • Ultra Strong Pull Start: Pull start specifically developed for big-block engines.
  • 5 + 1 ports
Suitable For: 1:8 Buggies, Truggies, and Monster trucks
Displacement: .32 (5.24ccm)
Horse Power: 4.34hp
Max RPM: 33,000rpm       

Art NR: ASCLRP32820


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